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Art History

About Art History

The Art History Programme investigates art - in every significance of the term. The programme’s wide-ranging research activities and specialisations include images, architecture, sculpture, street art, performances, bio-art, net art, photography, video and advertising – from the major works of the artistic tradition to the latest breaks with the past. The programme’s researchers are engaged in investigating  all of the contexts in which art is situated and in relation to which it can be understood and put into perspective – an approach which involves a high degree of interdisciplinarity.

 The research environment

The programme’s researchers are active in national and international research networks and publications within the subject's central fields: art history and visual culture. The research environment is continually being developed in cooperation with other programmes in aesthetics, history, theory and culture  in  and abroad.

The Art History Programme is involved  in a wide range of partnerships with art museums, upper secondary schools and other educational institutions, in addition to private and public art and cultural institutions. The programme’s researchers are engaged in a lively dialogue with the contemporary art and culture scene, and many hold positions on central foundations, boards, councils and committees.