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Aesthetics of AI Images

Artificial intelligence (machine learning and computer vision) constantly analyze and produce images. Centre for Aesthetics of AI Images (AIIM) explores how these new image practices significantly shape us aesthetically – and thereby also culturally, socially, and epistemologically.


Sign Up for the Workshop

The sign-up information for the workshop held in collaboration with Art Hub Copenhagen is now available. You may find it by clicking here, taking you to AIIM's event on the Aarhus University website. You may also find it on Art Hub Copenhagen's own website by clicking here.

Funding Received

AIIM has generously received 100.000 DKK from SHAPE - Shaping Digital Citizenship. This enables us to conduct the project 'Digital Citizenship and AI Image Practices', which consists of three different elements: Workshops in collaboration with external partners on AI image practices in different domains (private business, artistic creation, exhibition practice, welfare technology); a follow-up seminar; and a follow-up writing workshop.

Theory Labs

In 2023, AIIM will be hosting a series of Theory Labs. These labs will approach the topic of the aesthetics of AI images in a more theoretical manner, which will include reading texts, reviewing cases, and engaging in group discussions.

The aim with these labs is to strengthen our analytical abilities and to familiarise ourselves further with the literature. The frequency of meetings will be roughly once a month. The labs are primarily aimed at the members of the centre, but everyone is welcome to participate! 

To view upcoming Theory Labs, click here.