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Aesthetics of AI Images (AIIM)

Artificial intelligence - machine learning and computer vision - constantly analyze and produce images.

Centre for Aesthetics of AI Images (AIIM) explores how these new image practices significantly shape us aesthetically – and thereby also culturally, socially, and epistemologically.


Conference attendance 

AIIM researchers Nicolas Malevé, Maja Bak Herrie, and Lotte Philipsen attend the annual conference of The Nordic Society of Aesthetics (Iceland, June 2024) with a joint AIIM panel on “Aesthetics of Generative AI Images.”

Media appearance

In February, AIIM researcher Lotte Philipsen, was interviewed by videnskab.dk about the Sora, OpenAI’s new AI video tool. She elaborated on some of the aesthetic implications of tools like Sora: We should pay critical attention to the clean, extreme high definition, ‘Disney’ aesthetics of Sora, which may change our implicit expectations to what our surroundings should look like. At the same time, such tools offer new possibilities for image making, which artists will probably explore, use, and critique more deeply. Link for the article (in Danish): https://videnskab.dk/teknologi/tre-forskere-om-sora-saadan-kan-nye-ultra-realistiske-ai-videoer-aendre-din-verden/

In January, AIIM researcher Maja Bak Herrie was interviewed by Politiken about the use of AI-generated images in Psykiatrifonden’s recent report on children with diagnoses. She emphasized the strategic employment of images in aesthetic communication to capture attention and establish credibility for a cause and addressed the potential challenges associated with the introduction of generative AI tools in such contexts. Link for the article (in Danish, access restricted): https://politiken.dk/danmark/sundhed/art9731698/Dette-er-ikke-et-barn-med-en-diagnose