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Supplementary subjects

Supplementary subjects are an integral component of your degree programme designed to supplement your core subject with coursework in another area. A supplementary subject is analogous to what in the American educational system is termed a minor.  Some supplementary subjects are carried into your Master’s degree programme, while others give you the option of choosing a Master’s degree programme in the supplementary subject. The School of Communication and Culture offers more than 20 supplementary subjects, which gives you an opportunity to tailor your degree programme to your own career plans and ambitions. You can read more about the various combinations and options for supplementary subjects in the Study Guide.


Available supplementary subjects

All the supplementary subjects offered by the School of Communication and Culture are listed below. Click on individual supplementary subjects to be transferred to the Study Guide, where you can read about admission requirements, the structure of supplementary subjects, student life, how you can combine the supplementary subject with the rest of your degree programme, and which job and career opportunities each supplementary subject is relevant to.

Already a student?

If you are already a student at the School of Communication and Culture, you can find student guidance services, exam and teaching information about your studies at: