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20 strong research and teaching programmes

The School of Communication and Culture encompasses more than 20 strong research and teaching programmes. Each of these programmes  develops and cultivates its  particular objects of study, methods and traditions. This deep academic grounding is essential in order for researchers to be able to participate in meaningful interdisciplinary projects, both within the school and in cooperation with researchers from other main academic areas at the university. The fact that researchers participate in a variety of interdisciplinary projects not only contributes to important research breakthroughs, it also enriches the individual teaching and research programmes. Interdisciplinary projects contribute both to the development of the  faculty’s own research and teaching activities and to meeting our society’s need for innovative responses to its challenges.

Below you can read about the  academics, special focus areas, and degrees offered by each programme. You can also read about the practical and professional orientation of each programme and its interaction with the world around us.