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About Musicology

Musicology is the study of all forms of music from a variety of perspectives (aesthetic, cultural, practical and historical) using a broad range of different theories and methods. However, the Musicology Programme maintains a special focus on Western art music as well as popular music, and the musical culture of Denmark. In addition to these traditional objects of study, the programme includes sound and phonographic research, and the use of music in design and communication, for example in audiovisual contexts.

The research environment

Our research and teaching staff actively contribute to national and international networks and publications related to musicology as well as music and sound culture.  Several staff members are engaged in interdisciplinary research environments and projects.

The Musicology Programme at Aarhus University has close links to the society it belongs to. There are practical elements at all levels of study and many of the programme's staff are active in cultural and musical life as commentators and debaters and as performing musicians, composers, organisers and conductors.