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Cultural Transformations

The aim of the programme is to examine the social roles performed today by cultural production, circulation and transformation.

Research groups connected to the programme

Affect and the Body

This research group investigates the ‘extra representational’ by focusing on new forms of political mobilization and affective management, which work on and through bodies.    

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Coordinator: Britta Timm Knudsen

Creativity, Media and Culture Production

This research group investigates the concept of creativity through the three main areas of 1) Creativity, theatre and education, 2) Creativity and screen production, and 3) Creative industry and culture production.   

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Coordinators: Ida KrøgholtAnne Marit Waade

Cultural policy, cultural impact

The research unit focus on cultural policy, especially the way in which the value of culture in and for society can be understood, analysed and discussed. The activities of the research unit has a close relationship to Center for Cultural Evaluation, but researchers not affiliated with the Center are welcome to join the research unit. 

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Coordinator: Louise Ejgod Hansen

Cultures and Practices of Death and Dying

This interdisciplinary research group includes researchers investigating how humans invent, engage in, develop, change and negotiate cultural practices around death and dying - both before, during and after death.

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Coordinator: Dorthe Refslund Christensen

Fandom and Celebrity Culture

This research group focuses on the aesthetics and culture of fandom and celebrities from the perspectives of cross-media communication and media convergent culture. 

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Coordinator: Matthias Stephan

Future Making

This research group brings together interdisciplinary projects that explore how we enact, study, archive, curate, write, and otherwise document the present in ways that influence our futures. 

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Coordinator: Annette Markham 



Health, Media and Narrative

This research group organizes various types of research activities that investigate how media and narrative matter for (disturbed) health.    

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Coordinators: Carsten Stage, Lasse Raaby Gammelgaard 

Heritage and Tourism

This research group investigates entangled and dynamic relationships between natural/cultural heritage and tourism in various socio-political settings put in motion by new actors and challenges.  

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Coordinator: Britta Timm Knudsen

Inquiries into the Political and the Aesthetic (IPA)


The IPA research unit investigates current intersections and formations taking place between politics and aesthetics framed within a global context. We aim to stay attuned to dialogical relations between locally situated practices of politics and aesthetics and global questions of social transformation. The organizers of this group invite researchers on all levels and from all departments with an interest in the field of aesthetics and politics to participate.

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Coordinators: Mikkel N. Jørgensen, Maj B. Ørskov  and Pernille Lystlund Matzen

Paradigms of Dramaturgy: Arts, Institutions and the Social

This research group thus uses the concept of dramaturgy in order to interrogate the substantial reconfiguration of the contexts and conditions of theatre making, and art production more widely, in 21st century Europe.

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Coordinator: Peter Michael Boenisch

Participatory Cultures


The concept of participation is currently flourishing in projects, institutions, and policymaking as well as in academic disciplines. This research group is a forum for the investigation of user-generated production and citizen-driven participation across a variety of socio-cultural fields and participatory platforms, e.g. urban spaces, aesthetic co-productions, public institutions, and online environments.

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Coordinator: Birgit Eriksson 

Recalcitrant Aesthetics

This research group brings together junior scholars investigating how recalcitrant materiality, objects, and affects acting beyond human control relate to aesthetic and cultural phenomena.  

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Coordinators: Maja Bak Herrie, Ane Petrea Danielsen, Tobias SkiverenAnn-Katrine Schmidt Nielsen, Josefine Brink Siem 

Sexuality Studies

The aim of the research group Sexuality Studies is to contribute to an increased academic focus on sexuality and hereby to an increased understanding of the relation between sexuality and culture.

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Coordinator: Camilla Skovbjerg Paldam

Sound Studies

The key issues addressed by this research group involve exploring, improving and presenting the relationship between sound and sound experience in a variety of contexts from a full, cross-disciplinary perspective. We carry out various interdisciplinary studies of the status, function and significance of sound and sound experience within the fields of media, language/literature, digital aesthetics, communication, art and culture, health, and urban spaces/architecture.

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Coordinator: Ansa Lønstrup

Transnational Television

This research group is a forum for investigations into questions of transnational television, its production cultures, distribution logics, technological developments, and modes and patterns of consumptions. Transnational Television is considered in relation to broader developments of globalization, localization and digitalization.    

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Coordinator: Susanne Eichner

Upcoming events

Fri 07 May
12:00-13:00 | Zoom
Meeting: Horizon Europe for Cultural Transformers
Horizon Europe is the new EU research program after its predecessor, Horizon 2020, ended. A lot is the same between the two programs, but the research needs of EU’s agenda on culture, creativity and an inclusive society are continuously evolving.
Mon 10 May
12:30-13:30 | Zoom
Lunch Talk: Research Data Management
Niels Brügger will give a lunch talk on the important subject of Research Data Management.
Thu 27 May
13:00-16:15 | ILT Festival 2021
Symposium at ILT Festival 21: LET’S TALK ABOUT DIVERSITY
In Partnership with the ILT Festival 21, we organise the symposium LET’S TALK ABOUT DIVERSITY. MOVING BEYOND REPRESENTATION AND INTO THE DIFFICULT STRUCTURES OF CHANGE. Thursday 27 and Friday 28 May 2021, Teatret Svalegangen. This two-day international seminar sets out to make the strategies and practices visible for working towards more diversity within our audiences, institutions and artistic practices, giving insight to different hands-on examples of working with differences in a rewarding way. Information and registration http://www.iltfestival.dk/en/program/ilt21/seminar/