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The aim of the PhD programmes

The aim of the PhD programmes is to educate researchers who can participate in competitive research environments and perform specialized, highly qualified professional functions. The PhD programmes at the Department of Aesthetics and Communication is organized under the Graduate School at Arts. Every year a number of PhD projects are completed in the following areas:

  • Media, communication and journalism
  • Art, literature and culture studies
  • Language, linguistics and cognition
  • International area studies

Interested in a PhD?

You can read about the requirements and opportunities involved in doctoral study at the Faculty of Arts on the website for Graduate School, Arts. On the site you can:

  • find information about the scholarships available
  • get advice on how to compose an application
  • read about the rules and financial framework for doctoral studies
  • find out which courses and foreign exchange opportunities are offered
  • read about life as a PhD student and the career options you will have as a researcher

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us by phone or mail.  For specific academic  questions please contact the heads of the PhD programmes at the Graduate School at Arts. If you have questions about applications and admission please contact Bettina Holmbo Achton.

Already a PhD student?

As a current PhD student at the School of Communication and Culture, take a short cut to the latest news, scheduled activities, interdisciplinary courses and much more: