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About dramaturgy

Dramaturgy is the study of stage and performing arts in its various forms: theatre, dance, performance and other events that are stage for an audience. Research topics range from textual analysis of drama from antiquity to the present day, the study of performances and theatral events, to the research on theatre’s politico-cultural context and the applications of theatre in educational and developmental contexts. The theatrical process and the performance event are the key focus of the programme’s teaching and research, which are investigated from historical, conceptual and practical perspectives.

Dramaturgy is a research-based programme of study, which emphasises the understanding of the various theoretical, historical, political and organisational dimensions that enable a lively theatre culture. Professional applications of dramaturgic knowledge are the horizon of our education at all levels, and our aim is to enable to enhance our students’ ability to enhance their professional practice through theory, and vice versa.

The research environment

The Dramaturgy Programme at Aarhus has an especially strong tradition of focussing on contemporary and innovative forms of theatre, while also including space for the exploration of its historical traditions.

The Dramaturgy Programme has close ties to the contemporary theatre scene and other cultural organisations, and elements of the practice of theatre are involved at all stages of its students’ studies. In addition to teaching and research at the programme, the departments’ researchers typically teach at drama schools and participate actively in the theatre scenes as consultants, dramaturgs, board members and in other roles and functions.

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