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About Dramaturgy

Dramaturgy is the study of theatre, broadly defined. Research topics range from textual analysis of drama from antiquity to the present day and the study of the theatre’s politico-cultural context, to the applications of theatre in educational and developmental contexts. The theatricalproces and performance is the key focus of the programme’s teaching and research. Performance is approached from both historical and aesthetic perspectives.

The research environment

The Dramaturgy Programme  at  has a strong tradition of focus on contemporary and innovative forms of theatre. At the same time, the programme also encompasses the investigation of the theatre’s historical dimension.

The Dramaturgy Programme has close ties to the contemporary theatre scene, and elements of the practice of theatre are involved at all stages of its students’ studies. In addition to teaching and research at the programme,  researchers typically teach at drama schools and participate actively in dramatic productions, for example as consultants and theatrical advisers.

The practice-oriented focus of the Dramaturgy Programme has other applications as well: the programme develops concepts for how artistic production processes can be applied in  non-artistic creative processes. The programme’s research thus makes dramaturgical knowledge and strategies accessible to business, culture and the theatre itself.

New research groups and project:

In 2020, the department started the new research group “Paradigms of Dramaturgy: Arts, Institutions and the Social”, based within the interdisciplinary research centre “Cultural Transformations”. Also, Aarhus Universitets Forskningsfond supports a four year research project in the department, “Reconfiguring dramaturgy for a global culture: Changing practices in 21st century European theatre” (2020-2023)”. The department is now joint partner within the European Theatre Research Network, together with the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama/University of London and the University of Kent.  

“Mobilizing Dramaturgy”: A new PhD Cotutuelle Scheme with the Centre for Dance Research at Coventry University (UK)

As part of a new Faculty-wide partnership agreement between Aarhus University and Coventry University, we are now inviting applications as part of the Faculty of Arts-Graduate School’s Open Call for a Faculty scholarship to the cotutuelle scheme “Mobilizing Dramaturgy”. Successful candidates will undertake a collaborative doctoral research programme under the supervision of academic experts from both universities, enrolling at Aarhus University and spending one year at Coventry University in the UK. Click here for further information and deadlines.