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Study environment

The School of Communication and Culture is constantly working to improve the environment our students live and work in. We use a wide range of methods in our teaching, such as group work, practical training (internships), and 'off site' projects, such as teaching an upper secondary school class for a day, field trips, and visiting relevant businesses. Naturally, we also have traditional lectures and classroom teaching. The various forms of teaching and learning our students experience provide them with challenges which are both academically and professionally relevant.

Schedules filled with learning

At the School of Communication and Culture, we aim to ensure that our students have a full schedule of study activities centred on their degree programmes. On many of our degree programmes, our students are involved in  organised study groups which help them learn how to give and receive qualified academic feedback and support. We also have older students who serve as instructors for new students, and we encourage our students to draw on each other’s resources and to contribute to our culture of engaged academic debate and discussion. Combined with structured, thorough  introductions for all new BA and MA students, all of this helps our new students to quickly settle into their particular local study environment.

Vibrant campus life

The school’s teaching and research programmes are situated in closely-knit, accessible campus environment. Your entire academic environment is within easy walking distance – from Monday’s first lecture to the student Friday bar which ushers in the weekend. The recipe for our study environment is equal parts intellectual curiosity, creativity and sociability.  The school’s facilities in Nobel Park, IT City Katrinebjerg and the former barracks on Langelandsgade (“Kasernen”) provide the perfect setting. The school’s teaching and research programmes are home to a wide range of student-organised activities: Friday bars, social and academic associations, student publications, performances and much more. Kasernen also has a stage which is used for cultural, musical and academic events.


Already a student?

If you are already a student at the School of Communication and Culture, you can find advice, news, events and information about your studies at: