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YouTube Live Streaming Events

Tutorial by Lingala - Institute.

If there is a need to record live streaming events from YouTube, a combined approach will be advisable.

For such events the video is delivered as a direct stream. It may be published later in a complete or edited form, but the live event itself is a transmission rather than an existing video file.

Important: Please note that the methods described here may not be compliant with GDPR.

Rather than downloading the video with Video Download-Helper it will be necessary to record it as a screen recording while it plays. Therefore one must use a screen recording application such as QuickTime (Mac users only), ShareX (Windows users only), or Snagit. (In all cases, remember to make sure that the application records "system sounds"; the sounds playing on your computer).

Live streaming events will normally also include a live chat. Because this is not handled as comments for a regular video, such chats cannot be captured with YouTube Data Tools. Furthermore, such chats close and disappear at the end of the live event. In order to capture and preserve the chat, it too must be recorded while the event takes place.

A working solution for this is the Chrome add-on "Save Live Streaming Chats for YouTube" developed by Tabgraf.com.

First, one must have the Chrome browser.

Then open the link below in Chrome and click the "Add to Chrome" buttop on the top right of the page.

The add-on will be present when a Live Chat starts, and must be activated at the top of the chat by sliding the "Save Chat" button to the right. As the chat develops, more posts will be recorded, and this will be reflected at the top. The chat may be downloaded at any time by pressing the blue text stating the number of "chats saved" which serves as the download button.

Downloaded chat files may be in .xlsx format (Excel Spreadsheed) or .csv format depending on your system. If you get the file in a .csv format it can be imported to an Excel spreadsheet as data.

Since the live chat window will disappear when the chat is closed - and with it the download option will also disappear - it is advised to save several times near the end of the event in order to capture as many of the last posts as possible.

Get the Chrome add-on here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/save-live-streaming-chats/bcclhcedlelimlnmcpfeiabljbpahnef