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JDownloader 2

JDownloader 2

JDownloader is a powerful, free, and open source download manager. It is designed to fetch anything that a URL points to to the extent that this is possible.

It is a free alternative to e.g. dedicated video download programs such as 4K Video Downloader, and supports downloading of full channels or playlists.

It also comes with a "monitor clipboard" feature which is activated by default. (The clipboard icon is placed in the top menu where it can be activated and deactivated).

This means that one can for example, browse for relevant dontent, and then copy all tabs with a tab copier when ready. All the URLs you have found will now be added to JDownloader 2 and ready for download. Of course, be wary that you do not start downloads larger than your hard drive capacity.

Note: Tab copiers are useful browser plugins, for example TabCopy which can be added to Chrome from the extensions menu, or URLs List which can be added to Mozilla Firefox from the Add-ons menu.

Additional note: If automatic copying of clipboard URLs fail, copied URLs can also be pasted into JDownloader 2 via the Add New Links button at the bottom ot he Linkgrabber tab.)

It should be noted:
1) As with many free programs the installer may come with offers of extra software. This is a typoe of advertising, but the extra programs are needed and may disturb your computer's functions, so make sure to decline before proceeding with the installation.
2) As an open source programs the JDownloader website is multilingual; and the support, help and specifications sections are prone to downtimes.
3) There may be advertisements with large "Start installation" buttons, or disturbing pop-ups on the JDownloader website. Make sure that you download from the download section, by choosing the installer suitable for your system. (Mac users will need to determine their macOS version and their chipset. Click "About This Mac" in the apple menu, then press "More Info". If in doubt select the latest (top) installer, which should cover newer systems. Should you happen to download a wrong installer, the program may not work, but it can just be uninstalled and reinstalled with the proper installer).

JDownloader 2 needs a Java environment to run. In order to see if you have Java on your computer:

On Windows: Go to Control Panel, press Programs. If you have Java on your computer, it will be listed under Programs and Features.

On Mac OS: Open terminal and type "java -version" (without the ""). Press enter. You will now either see a Java version, or you will need to install Java.

With Java in place JDownloader 2 can be downloaded and installed (mind to decline extra software installation offers (if any) during the installation).

When running JDownloader 2, you cna noc copy URLs or URL lists to your clipboard, and they should automatically be applied to the Linkgrabber tab in the application. From there you can start specific downloads or all downloads by right clicking (ctrl + click on Mac).

If you have an UHD high resolution monitor (also known as "4K"), there is a risk that the text will not be fully visible in the user interface. To solve this, go to "Settings", press Advanced Settings (and ignore a warning); search for "Font Scale", edit the defualt value of 100 to 50 and press your enter button on the keyboard. You will be prompted to restart the application. After doing this, the user interface will be adjusted for a modern UHD monitor.

Java installer (if needed): https://www.java.com/en/download/
JDownloader 2 download page: https://jdownloader.org/download/index

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