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LabsAPI Swagger UI

LabsAPI Swagger UI is an experimental API for publicly available data and metadata at the Royal Danish Library.

It uses the Danish Royal Library's API to search the newspapers contained in the Mediestream collection, with a limitation to content over 140 years old due to copyright.

It has a number of search functions, e.g. "Fields" which revocers the newspaper data found in a search with a direct URL and an OCR text version, "Timeline" which can generate statistics, and "Hits" which gives the user a list of hits in various newspapers (which can the be used for mere refined searches).

Data can be exported to .json or .csv formats. The .csv files are actually delivered as .txt files which supports importing to Excel in MS Office on both Windows machines and Macs.

To Import the data create an Excel spreadsheet, go to the "Data" tab, select "From Text", and point to the downloaded .csv file. Import choices: First select "Delimited", the select "Comma" as the delimiter. On the same menu page, mark "Treat consecutive delimiters as one" with the text qualifier " (quotation mark). The last action allows the colimn titles to be generated correctly.

Service: http://labs.statsbiblioteket.dk/labsapi/api//api-docs?url=/labsapi/api/openapi.yaml