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Tutorial by Stillio.

Stillio is a web based subscription service for web page screendumps. The service is offered as costumisable subscription plans, which may be set up for daily, weekly, several daily screenshots. Pricing varies depending upon desired amount of screenshots per month.

The screenshots can be up to 1920×10.000 pixels – enough for most regular webpages – and will include page scroll up to this limit. (Lesser settings may be defined if desired). The screenshots will capture what is visible upon entering the page URL, so content that needs to be opened manually – such as replies to posts in debates – will not be included. If pages are down for maintenance or return error messages, this is what the screenshot will reflect at such a time, but this is also a valid part of a tracking process.

The service is relevant for researchers who need to monitor the ongoing development or activity on a number of web pages. It may serve as a way to get screenshots that would otherwise need to be created manually, and also as a way to keep track of where activity is occurring.

Several options for data reception and storage are offered.

Important: Please note that the data handling by this service may not be compliant with GDPR.

All Stillio’s subscription plans start with a 14 day free trial, and an educational discount of 25% is offered. (This information is located on the pricing page, including a contact link for getting the discount).

Service provider: https://www.stillio.com/

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