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Legal Framework

On this page you will find a list with external links to legal conditions and agreements.

The resources have a focus on Aarhus University's interpretations and guidelines according to the legal framework. Policies and interpretations vary between institutions.

Laws, guidelines, and other resources that are not from Aarhus University are marked with "External resource" to the right.

Notice that national as well as EU laws must be observed according to your own institutions ploicies according to same.

Also notice that when working with social software your must furthermore observe the conditions for API usage, harvesting and data sharing.

The Danish copyright law (Danish language only).

External Resource.

Aarhus University's guide to classification of data.

Notice the guidelines on pseudonymisation and anonymisation of data.

Aarhus University Library's guide to copyright for students.

Aarhus University's guide to data protection risk and impact assessments.

Risk assessment template can be downloaded.

The EU's General data protection regulation, also known as GDPR.

External Resource.

Aarhus University's guidelines for using personal data from social media.

A guide to copyright from the Danish Ministry of Culture.

(Danish language only).

External Resource.

The Danish Data Protection Agency's guide to the rights of registeres individuals.

(Danish language only).

External Resource.

Aarhus University's guide to personal data processing for students.

If working with social media or data collections with restricted access, their Terms of Service may add further regulations to the legal framework.