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Facepager for Facebook Commentaries

Tutorial 1 of 2 by Michael Chan.

Facepager (please follow the link in oder to find the main introduction and installation page) is a tool for downloading social media data, most notably commentary tracks, from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon.

As a help for working with Facebook, we recommend an excellent pair of tutorial videos by Michael Chan, Associate Professor, City University of Hong Kong.

It is strongly recommended to watch both tutorials in their entirety at least once.

In order to help navigate for help when starting work with Facepager, and relocate information as necessary we are providing this breakdown:

Part 1. Using Facepager to extract Facebook Page posts and photos

00:00-02:17 Introduction and examples of research relevance, scope and limitations.
02:17-03:31 Comparison of Facebook page and extracted data.
03:33-04:36 Finding the Facebook page ID for the page you want to crawl.
Additional information: We recommend the following Facebook ID finder: https://lookup-id.com/
04:36-09:30 Starting a harvest job for a Facebook page.
09:30-13:16 Expanding the preset parameters in order to get more information.
13:16-15:49 Adding and arranging database colums to show extended data.
15:49-16:16 Exporting data to a .csv table.
16:16-18:29 Extracting full data, eg. pictures.
18:29-19:56 Importing .csv files to database, eg. Ecxel.

Part 2. Using Facepager to extract posts by time period, comments, and replies to comments

00:00-00:30 Introduction to second part of the tutorial.
00:30-05:52 Extracting posts for a specified time period.
05:52-10:20 Extracting comments for posts.
10:20-12:15 Extracting replies to comments. Comment poster IDs cannot be extracted from Facebook's API.
12:15-14:09 Exporting and handling your data in Excel (see also the end of tutorial part 1).

Since Facepager works through the APIs of the respective services, API limitations should be observed. Otherwise a job may end with an API denial of service, or in the worst case the user's IP may be blocked. It is therefore recommended no to attempt downloading entire commentary tracks in one go, but rather assemble data gradually.

Service, including help pages: https://github.com/strohne/Facepager

Application download: https://github.com/strohne/Facepager/releases

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