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Tools and Tutorials

The research process has four distinct stages of acquiring and handling data; getting the data, sorting and cleaning the data for analysis, analysis, and finally dissemination.

These stages are all balanced against four areas of concern; the legal framework, ethical considerations, data handling, and finally critical consideration.

The research process will almost certainly be iterative; going back and forth between stages, e.g. to collect a detail for the data when sorting or analysing, changing how the data is sorted and cleaned in respect for some ethical concern, etc.

CDMM's tools and Tutorials section will strive to offer help with all aspects as laid out below.

Data Cleaning

Resources for Data Cleaning

Includes a short introduction to data cleaning, and helpful tools.


Tools for visualisation, graphs, etc.

The tools are also analytical, and
may help with data handling and cleaning.

Critical Assessment

(Content is forthcoming)