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Tutorial by Facepager.

Facepager is an application for automated data retrieval on the web, developed by Jakob Jünger and Till Keyling (2019). It can download social media data, most notably commentary tracks, from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon.

The tool comes with a number of presets that may be expanded with parameters in order to obtain the data of interest.

Since the tool works through the APIs of the respective services, API limitations should be observed. Otherwise a job may end with an API denial of service, or in the worst case the user's IP may be blocked. It is therefore recommended no to attempt downloading entire commentary tracks in one go, but rather assemble data from several job runs.

As the application needs attention to settings, both for the job at hand, as well as for the relevant API, there are several tutorials from the developers, as well as from researchers. The developers also provide documentation and advise, see bottom of this page.

Please visit the companion page, Facepager for Facebook Commentaries for an in-depth introduction to fetching data from Facebook.

We also recommend the following guide to extracting comment tracks from YouTube: How to download comments from YouTube with Facepager, by Facepager.

Service, including help pages: https://github.com/strohne/Facepager

Application download: https://github.com/strohne/Facepager/releases

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