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Tutorial: How to Scrape Reddit data, links, comments, votes and more (2020 Tutorial) by Parsehub.

Parsehub is a web scraper service which also supports API scraping. The latter means that Parsehub can not only extract data from websites, but also from social media such as TikTok or Reddit, by accessing their APIs. (API stands for Application programming Interface).

The service has a free plan with no time limit, but with limited functionality compared to the paid plans. A comparison between free and paid versions may be found here.

API scraping is limited to the API accessibility allowed by the social service provider in question. Some social services cannot be scraped, some can to a limited extent, and some can with a paid API access. Accessibility for social services may change with short or no notice, and are prone to change often.

Important notice: When scraping social media data, one should carefully observe the terms of use specified by the social media service provider in question, as violations such as sharing data not allowed in the terms of service may lead to blocking or even lawsuits.

Also please notice: Please note that the data handling by this service may not be compliant with GDPR.

Parsehub has a large collection of tutorial videos on their YouTube channel, and is also offering free online courses in web scraping from basics to advanced.

Courses from Developer: https://academy.parsehub.com/

Parsehub on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@ParsehubApp

Service: https://www.parsehub.com/