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The activities of CDMM are oriented towards the internal integration and further development digital methods approaches of research in media and journalism studies, and the external enhancement of national and international visibility of the centre, the Department, and the School. 

The Centre focuses on these core activities:


  • offer an open and inclusive forum for academic discussions about the use, critique and development of digital methods within media and journalism studies.
  • organise seminars and workshops to bring together national and international scholars and IT. developers for identifying joint research approaches and facilitating knowledge exchange
  • disseminate knowledge about digital methods by organising workshops and similar events with a view to introduce relevant digital approaches, software, and best practices for project management.
  • reach out to early career scholars with a view to fostering the active integration of junior researchers and their approaches to advance and develop digital methods.


  • initiate joint research activities with external partners, attract external funding, and develop syllabi.
  • reach out to and participate in relevant national and international networks.
  • host national and international visiting scholars.
  • engage in joint PhD training.
  • visit and connect to relevant national and international network partners.