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Tutorial by Carole Salles.

Visualping is a web based service for monitoring web pages for changes, either in full or at specific parts or sections. An alert is sent to the subscriber when the service registers a change of the specified web page or web page section. This may be helpful by automating the process for researchers who need to monitor web pages.

Visualping offers a basic free account with 65 checks per month, and paid subscriptions for larger numbers of checks.

When a change is registered, the change can be previewed in the user's Visualping account, or the user can proceed to the monitored website.

The service can check a web page for changes monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, or at five minute intervals. Custom plans may also be arranged by contacting Visualping from the bottom of their price list page.

A detailed article from the developers explaining steps for creating an account and setting up monitoring of a web page may be found here.

Service provider: https://visualping.io/

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