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TimeMap Visualization

TimeMap Visualization is an online service provided by the Web Science and Digital Libraries Research Group (@WebSciDL) at Old Dominion University, Columbia, USA.

Based on a URL for a website, or an archived version of a URL, it draws archived versions from either The Internet Archive, Archive-IT (subscription service), or Arquivo.pt (the open Portuguese web archive). The default is The Internet Archive.

After the initial search, one may delimit the time frame of interest.

TimeMap Visualization then generates screenshots of the archived versions found, and presents them as  thumbnails which may be shown in grid, slider, timeline, or GIF formats. These results may be 1) downloaded as an animated GIF image file, 2) embedded on web pages. Finally a timeline listing all the archived versions (mementos) found can be used to explore the results individually and open their archived versions directly.

Service: https://tmvis.cs.odu.edu/