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Aesthetics and Culture

About Aesthetics and Culture

Aesthetics and Culture is an interdisciplinary programme with focus on art and culture in modern society in a broad sense. Based on a broad concept of aesthetics, this programme focuses on analysing art and aesthetics, and the roles they play in culture, in both a contemporary and a historically-reflective way. This subject incorporates and develops theories and methodological approaches which transcend the boundaries of individual art forms and fields of inquiry.

The research environment

Our researchers actively contribute to national and international networks and publications within the subject's central fields: aesthetic and cultural theory, and aesthetic and cultural research. Current research includes investigations relating to the mechanisms and consequences of aestheticism, and research into the issues of mediality and intermediality.

The research environment is developed in cooperation with other aesthetic subjects, social scientific subjects, theoretical subjects and cultural subjects in Denmark and abroad.

The programme maintains close ties to art and cultural life, as many of our researchers serve on ministerial, public and private councils, agencies, committees and boards, are frequent contributors in social debate and are called in as experts to comment in the media.  This programme contributes through research into aesthetics and cultural science to the worlds of art, culture and commerce.

Associated courses

The subject's key courses are Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in Aesthetics and Culture.