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Media, Communication and Society

The research programme focuses on the interplay of media, communicative forms and
the societal contexts this interplay is part of and helps to create and change


The research programme Media, Communication and Society focuses on the interplay of media and communicative forms, and the societal contexts this interplay is part of and helps to create and change. Currently, these processes are undergoing profound changes for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, the media matrix is changing especially due to the Internet and mobile media. This new condition changes the framing of a number of communicative forms, and existing communicative forms are being adapted to these new communicative conditions in the media matrix, and this creates new possible forms of communication. Social and cultural mega trends like commercialisation/marketisation, socio-cultural fragmentation and cultural globalisation are among the issues related to this dynamic interplay. In a historical perspective the interplay of media, communicative forms, and societal contexts has shaped culture. Currently, the implications of the interplay are affecting and changing the communicative possibilities and patterns of interaction for the individual and a number of institutions in society, as well as affecting and changing political, economic, educational and cultural processes on a local, national and global level.

Overall, the research programme aims to contribute to enhancing our understanding of these profound changes based on historical prerequisites by posing new research questions and offering new interpretations.

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