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Interaction Design

Research profile

The Interaction Design research program brings together researchers with an interest in how people use digital systems and how we can create digital systems that are meaningful and useful to people, organisations, and society as a whole. We welcome scholars from all disciplinary backgrounds and value a plurality of methods and perspectives in exploring past, current, and future uses and consequences of digital systems. We examine digital systems and their domains of use and practice broadly and on scales ranging from wearables, social media and IT in the workplace to urban computing and IT in healthcare and education. 

Through equal measures of curiosity, ambition, and care, we will work to establish a thriving everyday working environment with increased knowledge sharing and sense of community for both faculty and junior researchers. We plan concrete joint activities to improve the conditions for fundraising, planning, executing, publishing, and broadly disseminating research. Additionally, we will maintain and develop relations with outside stakeholders to continuously assess and strengthen the relevance of our research and teaching. This includes collaborations with colleagues from Computer Science and other departments across faculties, which today forms one of the strongest European research groups in this field. We will also further collaborations with the neighbouring research environments to orchestrate internationally impactful activities, such as a distinguished lectures series, annual research symposia, and international conferences at AU.

Research centres and projects connected to the programme