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Journalism studies has been both consolidating and diversifying over the last 10 years, internationally and at the School of Communication and Culture.

The broad portfolio of research conducted by scholars in this unit reflects these developments and generates new perspectives on the role of journalistic communication in society: Changing conceptions of democratic participation and audiences; the emergence of alternative news sites, the shifting roles of journalism in conflicts, the increasing implementation and consequences of automation, shifting dynamics of digital circulation and temporalities and challenges to journalistic expertise both in general and more specifically within the area of cultural and life-style journalism.

In terms of diversification, researchers in the Journalism Studies Unit are also increasingly drawing on and collaborating with other researchers in fields such as critical data studies, social media research, digital humanities and environmental humanities.

Members of the group are affiliated with:

  • Centre for Internet Studies (Headed by Jakob Linaa)
  • Center for Media Industries and Production Studies (Headed by Hanne Bruun)
  • Centre for Digital Methods and Media (Headed by Niels Brügger and Christoph Raetzsch)
  • Centre for Environmental Humanities (Headed by Heather Anne Swanson)


  • Cecilia Arregui Olivera
  • Christoph Raetzsch
  • Henrik Bødker
  • Jakob Linaa Jensen
  • Lynge Asbjørn Møller
  • Miriam Brems
  • Teke Ngomba
  • Unni From