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Centre for Digital Methods and Media

Aarhus University
Helsingforsgade 14
8200 Aarhus N

Email: cdmm@cc.au.dk

About the centre

The Centre for Digital Methods and Media (CDMM) was formed in 2020 as an interdisciplinary research and training centre to promote the critical use and development of digital methods within media and journalism studies. CDMM is affiliated to the Department of Media and Journalism Studies at Aarhus University but is open to members from other Departments interested in digital methods and media.

The centre has a sustained focus on digital methods applicable within media and journalism studies. The centre’s goal is to investigate how broad trends within digital methods internationally can be translated and applied within studies of media such as newspapers, film, radio, television, internet/web, social media, and mobile media. Based on a strong international orientation of its members, the centre offers an interdisciplinary forum for the critical assessment and discussion of digital methods to further develop research in media and journalism studies on graduate and post-graduate level.

CDMM centrally develops a range of formats to facilitate the exchange of experiences and mutual training formats in new methodological approaches in the field of media and journalism studies. A strong ambition is also in promoting the integration of digital methods in teaching. In doing this CDMM is in line with the coming upskilling of digital competencies in teaching at university level as it is formulated in Aarhus University's Digitaliseringsstrategi as well as in the coming Strategy 2025, and by the Danish government.

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