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International Business Communication in Spanish

About International Business Communication in Spanish

The focus area of this degree programme is communication in businesses and organisations which have relations with Spain or Latin America, or which use Spanish as their working language. The profile courses deal with translation, interpreting and the production of texts in a range of genres and text types of business communication such as websites, press releases, technical descriptions, legal documents and emails. In addition, students naturally learn about the context in which such texts are produced – context being important for the design and use of these texts. In this connection, the teaching covers social conditions in Spanish-speaking areas and markets, including market analysis, segmenting and positioning, corporate organisation and public relations.

The research environment

The teaching in the focus area of the programme is based on the research into international business communication that is carried out at the department. This research revolves around the communicative issues connected to various forms of business communication both in general and in language-specific areas. This includes communicative issues within international and intercultural market communication, lexicography, translation, interpreting and the production of texts in communicative contexts.

The research in market communication focuses on the communicative performance of activities by companies and organisations seen from a cultural viewpoint. The research in lexicography deals with user-friendly information tools, including online dictionaries and integrated L2 writing assistants. The research in translation, interpreting and the production of communicative texts includes texts on company websites, legal, technical and financial texts, translation processes, the use of CAT tools and issues within the sociology of translation. Another area of focus concerns the creation and communication of academic knowledge in the relevant writing and translation processes of students.

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