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Cognitive Science

Cognitive Science

About Cognitive Science

Cognitive Science deals with the human ability to process information and understand and solve problems, either alone or in cooperation with others. Cognitive Science is an interdisciplinary degree programme which brings together knowledge from neuroscience, psychology, computer science, linguistics and theories of complex systems. The primary research methods are experiments and statistical analyses.

Cognitive Science is a relatively new degree programme in Denmark and at Aarhus University. It was offered at Aarhus University for the first time in 2015; but since its conception in the second half of the 20th century, Cognitive Science has developed into a highly successful research area, and Cognitive Science degree programmes are now offered at over 70 universities in the world.

The Cognitive Science research environment at Aarhus University has a strong international profile, for instance in the following fields:

  • Cognitive neuroscience, which is concerned with the brain – with language comprehension being one of the main areas of study
  • Computer-based analyses of language and voices, among other things as a tool to understand mental illnesses
  • Perception and information processing in humans within the autistic spectrum
  • The dynamics of coordination in cooperative relations.

The Bachelor’s degree programme in Cognitive Science is offered in collaboration with the Interacting Minds Centre, the Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience and the Cognition and Behavior Lab

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