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Museology is a cross-disciplinary field of research. A number of our researchers adopt an art-historical perspective to museology; but we also have researchers from the fields of classical archaeology, dramaturgy, business communication, the Centre for Advanced Visualization and Interaction, language programmes etc. We also collaborate with other museum programmes at Aarhus University, for instance with regard to research seminars; and we welcome scholars from other academic areas who are interested in the history, methods and subject matter of museology.

The programme has a shared research-related interest in the museum as a social organisation and its communication with the surrounding world in a historical and contemporary perspective.

Some of the associated researchers share an interest in and experience of collaborating with external partners and developing models for research projects between universities, museums, schools (including state schools and upper-secondary schools) and other cultural institutions.

The purpose of the research programme is to initiate new research projects, seminars, study groups, conferences, study trips and publications related to museology as a research field at Aarhus University. In this connection, the programme will focus in particular on exploring and developing funding options for research into museology.

The participants in the research programme in museology work with themes such as:

  • Institutional changes and the creation of new types of organisation in the field of museology in a European perspective
  • The dynamics between material and immaterial forms of art, nature and culture, and the process of collecting them and exhibiting them in museums
  • The relationship between user participation and new museal resource economics
  • The influence of digitisation on museological forms of communication and museal methods of preservation.