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Language, linguistics and cognition

Language, linguistics and cognition

About the programme

Linguistic competences are crucial for the success of individuals, social groups and companies in the modern, globalised information society. Social cohesion depends to a large extent on sharing a common language and ensuring effective communication. One central question concerns the extent to which linguistic competences and communication skills should be attributed to the cognitive architecture of the brain, or to cultural and social conditions.

Research programme director


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Research groups

The research programme consists of the following research groups:

  • Cognitive Semiotics
  • Danish Talk in Interaction (DanTIN)
  • The Evolution of Communication
  • Foreign language acquisition and didactics
  • Grammar, cognition and language use
  • Language acquisition
  • Language didactics
  • Language variation and language history
  • Psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics
  • The Puzzle of Danish
  • Semantics, enunciation and translation
  • Sounds of language and speech
  • Syntax and morphology