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Research groups

Humans and Information Technology is divided into three groups, each of which represents internationally established research traditions with conferences, networks, journals and other activities. Each group contains an interdisciplinary mix of computer science, information studies, philosophy, anthropology, informatics, art history, design, communication, music research and research on literature and theatre.

Researchers at Aarhus University and the School of Communication and Culture have participated in the developing these groups into national and international research communities. The research programme is open to the exploration of new fields of research at the intersection of technology and the humanities. The groups also contribute to research in such areas as IT and business, IT and communication and IT project management.

Research groups and concrete examples of their core fields of expertise:

Humans and Information Technology

Core fields

Science & Technology Studies (STS)

Digital Aesthetics and Culture

Interaction Design


Explores sociotechnical practices using concepts derived from fields such as actor-network theory, post-phenomenology and social anthropology Explores the field between art/culture and technology using concepts derived from the theory of aesthetics and software/hardware studies Explores the relationship between humans and information technology through  experimental design interventions


Health IT and surveillance studies

Aesthetic practice (ex: electronic music, computer games and net art)

The culture associated with specific practices (ex: free software and digital activism)

Interactive systems and product design processes

Perception and application of design processes in general