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Cultures and Practices of Death and Dying

This research group is an interdisciplinary group of researchers working across research paradigms and disciplines on a wide variety of different, however interrelated subjects, methodologies and theoretical conceptualizations. Internationally, cultures and practices of death and dying attract a growing number of researchers in the humanities and social sciences from disciplines such as cultural studies, media and technology, (media) sociology, (media) aesthetics, psychology, literature, art history, linguistics, (visual) anthropology, digital design, philosophy, history of religion and more. The cultures and practices of death and dying both implicate cultures and practices prior to death and dying, for instance related to (terminal) illness, dying practices and post mortem practices of bereavement, commemoration etc. The contemporary practices are both rooted in older traditions, remediations of existing practices and/or new practices, as are they both online (social media, dedicated websites etc.) and/or on graves, in nature, at home etc. Often they are also deeply rooted in everyday cultures and practices of affect, identities, communities, popular culture etc.

The group and its individual members cooperate with a large number of both national and international colleagues and research groups and networks and invites new members to join.

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Researchers: Dorthe Refslund Christensen