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Creativity, Media and Culture Production

Coordinators: Ida KrøgholtAnne Marit Waade 

Creativity is no longer exclusively linked to artistic creation but is the subject of a growing societal awareness in relation to e.g. leadership, learning, innovation and social development. As such, this makes new demands for a more informed appreciation of both the nature and cultivation of creativity and of the transference of its discourses, ideals and practices to other fields. Municipal governments and regions now develop their own brands, museums act like businesses, and cultural and media productions become an integral part of regional development programs and of tourism promotion. This results in the establishment of novel collaborative ventures and presents the art domain with new and interesting challenges.

In relation to such developments the research group pursues research on creativity both through in-depth-studies of creative art practices and through the examination of how transformation processes between artistic and non-artistic areas (can) take place.

The group's interests consist of three main areas:

1. Creativity, theatre and education (contact Ida Krøgholt

2. Creativity and screen production (contact Anne Marit Waade, see http://danishtvdrama.au.dk and https://smallnationstv.org)    

3. Creative industry and culture production (contact Marianne Ping Huang)


The research group is affiliated with:

Peripeti (Erik Exe Christoffersen)

Aarhus Creative Ring (Adriënne Heijnen, Smart City)

Aarhus Academy 2017 (Marianne Ping Huang)

rethinkIMPACTS2017 (Louise Ejgod)

Centre for Universe Creation (Marianne Ping Huang)

Center for Media Industries and Production Studies (Hanne Bruun


Louise EjgodThomas RosendalErik Exe ChristoffersenAnne Marit WaadeMarianne Ping HuangIda Krøgholt