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Wed 29 Sep
11:00-16:00 | Aarhus Universitet, Richard Mortensen-stuen, Konference Centret, Bygning 1421, Frederik Nielsens Vej 4, 8000 Aarhus C
Translating Europe Workshop 2021 - Oversættelse beriger kommunikation
Institut for Kommunikation og Kultur, Aarhus Universitet, inviterer til en workshop i serien “Translating Europe” (under Europa-Kommissionen) i samarbejde med EU-Kommissionens Repræsentation i Danmark og Forbundet Kommunikation og Sprog. Workshoppen vil blive afholdt på dansk.

About German

The study of German at AU contains the following focus areas: language, literature, culture and history. The researchers are experts within these four areas, specialising in:

  • modern grammar
  • Yiddisch
  • comparative German linguistics
  • Dutch
  • modern literature and philosophy
  • Middle High German literature
  • German and Dutch religious literature in the 15th century
  • health culture and Lebensreform
  • the recent history of Germany, historical didactics and national stereotypes as well as foreign-language didactics 

German is a medium-sized subject at AU with six tenured academic staff, two PhD students and a number of emeritus professors who are still active. There is also a DAAD associate professorship affiliated with the subject, ensuring close contact with the German embassy and the Goethe-Institut. This associate professor is responsible for regular cultural events as well as certified language testing.

The research takes place in association with international networks within the respective research fields. The researchers give lectures and collaborate with upper-secondary school teachers to ensure a lively exchange with these schools and the rest of society.

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