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Collective projects

Digital Text Lab

Project with no expiry date. Several sources of funding including Fondation Maison de Sciences Humaine/Carnegie-Mellon Foundation.

Contact: Mads Rosendahl Thomsen and Kristoffer Nielbo (School of Culture and Society).

Digital Text Lab provides assistance for text mining projects and educational initiatives on computational analysis. The project cooperates with researchers from Germany and the US on a number of infrastructure and research projects.


Posthuman Aesthetics

Expiry date: 31.8.2017, funding by FKK

Contact: Mads Rosendahl Thomsen

Learn more at posthuman.au.dk


Reading Slavery – Comparative Studies of the Literature of the Transatlantic Slave Trade

1.2-2015-1.2.2019, funding by VELUX FONDEN

Contact: Mads Anders Baggesgaard

Learn more at readingslavery.au.dk


Rundt om børnebogen

2016-2018, funding by FKK

Contact: Charlotte Appel

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Trust and Risk in Literature

Sept 2016 – Aug 2019, FKK (Network funding); AUFF (Postdoc and PhD)

Contact: Joseph Sterrett

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Unearned Wealth – A Literary History of Inheritance (1600-2015)

1.2.2017-1.2.2021, Funding by DFF

Contact: Jakob Ladegaard

Other AU researhcers: Jonas Ross Kjærgård, Kristoffer Nielbo

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Medievalism in Danish Romantic Literature

2018-2021, funding by DFF

Contact: Lis Møller

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Individual projects

Carnal Poesis: Affect, Materiality, and Contemporary Danish Literature

1.2.2015 - 19.5.2018

Contact: Tobias Skiveren


Dirty Money and Indifferent Writing: A Comparative History of Finance in English and French literature, 1797-1895


Kontakt: Jakob Gaardbo Nielsen


Litteraturens tværmedielle betydningsdannelser - et studie i aktuelle forfatteres selvfremstilling i litteratur og andre medier

1.2.2012 - 1.6.2018

Contact: Anne Green Munk (main supervisor Tore Rye Andersen)


Medialitet og Materialitet i 2010’ernes danske tegneserier

February 2017-January 2020 

Contact: Felix Paulsen


The Image of the Author in Babylonian Literature: Cultural Transitions and the Construction of Authorship

01.02.2017 – 01.03.2020

Contact: Sophus Helle


'The Once and Future King. Adaptations of the King in Danish Romantic Medievalism'


Contact: Berit Kjærulff