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Research collaboration across programmes and departments

Participating groups are either already collaborating or in a position to collaborate with other research programmes and groups at the Department of Aesthetics and Communication as well as other departments and faculties.

Concrete examples of research collaboration:


Other research

Science & Technology Studies (STS)

Digital Aesthetics and Culture

Interaction Design

Anthropological Studies

Concepts and methods for the study of organisations

Ethnographically inspired fieldwork

Business Studies

IT project management The relation between digital arts and activism and corporate innovation Entrepreneurship/entrepreneurial processes

Aesthetic Studies

The perception of aesthetic works and production

Aesthetics, media and materiality

Research on audio production, reception and culture

Aesthetic interaction

Interactive art as experiments in new interfaces and forms of interaction

 Media Studies

Monitoring and surveillance

 Audio culture

 IT and journalism

Cultural Studies

Digital culture and the relationship fo art to the public sphere and democracy


The development of new platforms for conversation Citizen communication in the digital city


Theoretical concepts for the investigation of the relationship between the subject/the body and technology

The new healthcare system - concepts of care and patient roles

The philosophy of design and fundamental perspectives on the relationship between humans and technology as determining the design process

Computer Science

Health IT
Surveillance Technology

"Participation" in interaction technology

Digital urban spaces (Smart Aarhus)

"Participation" in interaction technology

 Digital urban spaces (Smart Aarhus)