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Department of Linguistics,

Cognitive Science and Semiotics

Subject areas

is the science of language. It concerns what universals exists among languages.

Cognitive Science
concerns the mind, the brain and human interaction.

Cognitive Semiotics
concerns signs and meaning in perception, art and communication.

Centers affiliated with the department:

The Department additionally has close connections with the following centers at Aarhus University:

Research and education

Research Centers and Projects

The researchers at the department are all involved in international and interdisciplinary research. We have specialists who work with interaction (with a focus on conversation analysis or on mathematical modelling), the languages of the world (especially Australian and American indigenous languages, African languages and Danish), semantics or meaning, language change, the language of children, neurolinguistics (language and the brain), communicative behaviour, the processing of ‘big data’, the emergence of new languages (pidgins, creole languages and mixed languages), documenting endangered languages and communication within the health sector.

A collection of research centers and projects can be seen below: 

Employer panel

The participants in the employer panel are involved in developing up-to-date study programs that match the competences companies and institutions demand of their employees. Here is an overview of the panel for the Department of Linguistics, Cognitive Science and Semiotics. 

  • Marie Møller, Sprogcenter Midt
  • Tina Pedersen, Pædagogisk Konsulent, Ministeriet for Børn, Undervisning og Ligestilling, Styrelsen for Undervisning og Kvalitet, Grundskolecenteret
  • Dorthe Møller Johnsen, AC-fuldmægtig, VIA University
  • Jes Vang, Marketing Manager, TC-Group
  • Anne Nguyen Nielsen, VIA - Efter-Videreuddannelse
  • Mathias Højlund Kragelund, Kommunikationskonsulent, Kragelund Kommuniation

    Kontaktperson: Sabrina Bækkelund Larsen, afdelingskonsulent


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