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Ny artikel fra Language as a Tool for Learning forskere

Riccardo Fusaroli og kollegaer har netop udgivet en artikel om sprogtilegnelse hos børn med Autisme Spektrum Forstyrrelser. Artiklen findes i tidsskriftetCognition.  

Artiklen kan findes her.

Ny artikel fra Language as a Tool for Learning forskere

Katrine Bønnerup og kollegaer har netop udgivet en artikel om dysleksi blandt studerende på længerevarende uddannelser. Artiklen findes i seneste udgave af tidsskriftet i Dyslexia

Artiklen kan findes her.

Ny ph.d.-studerende

Christina Emborg er ny ph.d.-studerende ved Lingvistik med projektet: "Turtagningsfærdigheder hos voksne infantile autister" med Ethan Weed som bivejleder.


Rauno Parrila (Macquarie University) er gæsteprofessor på LTL fra den 17/9 til den 21/9 2018.

Invited Lecture at Foreningen Af Tale-Høre-Lærere I Folkeskolens Annual Meeting

Center leader Ethan Weed held an invited lecture with the title "Speech, Language, and Communication in Children and Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorders" at Foreningen af Tale-Høre-Lærere I Folkeskolens Annual Meeting Vingsted 2018. 

To see more about the event and view the programme, click here.

Visiting Researcher Professor Letitia Naigles May 21 - May 25 2018

Language as a Tool for Learning is pleased to announce a visit by Professor Letitia Naigles, University of Connecticut, co-hosted with the Interacting Minds Center. Dr. Naigles will be visiting the center from May 21 - May 25, and will be giving a talk at the Interacting Minds Center on May 23. Dr. Naigles is an expert on language learning in typically developing children and in children with autism.

Defining Dyslexia: A Conversation with Uta Frith

We are pleased to announce a workshop with Uta Frith (The UCL Centre for the History of Medicine, UCL). Professor Frith is an authority on developmental disorders, including autism and dyslexia, and has a particular interest making research on developmental disorders relevant to the people who are affected by these disorders in their daily lives. The workshop will consist of some presentations of current research from members of the LTL community, followed by a round-table discussion with Professor Frith. The workshop is organized jointly by Language as a Tool for Learning and the Interacting Minds Centre, and will take place at Aarhus University, October 3rd, Building 1483, Room 312, from 13:30 – 15:00.

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Wed 23 May
13:00-15:00 | IMC Meeting Room, Jens Chr. Skous Vej 4, Building 1483-312, 8000 Aarhus C
What Variability in Children’s Language Reveals about the Psychological and Neurological Processes of Language Acquisition: Evidence from Typical Children and Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Talk at the Interacting Minds Centre by Letitia Naigles, University of Connecticut.