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Language as a tool for learning


Language is the key that opens the door to knowledge and education. Once a person masters the tools of language, they can find information, develop new understanding, and challenge ideas both old and new.

In today's Denmark, we all have the right to an education, but a range of linguistic challenges can keep some of us from fully exercising this right. When young people or adults with e.g. dyslexia, hearing loss, autism, or other conditions that can affect language pursue their studies at high-school, or at a university or technical school, they face a host of challenges that can limit their educational possibilities. For students with Danish as a second language, or who experience language problems associated with hearing impairment, autism, dyslexia, or other conditions, language can get in the way of learning, rather than making it possible.

The Center's mission is to research the meeting between the educational system and young people or adults with language challenges, in order to better understand the field, develop interventions, and qualify the public debate on this important area.