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Department of
German and Romance Languages

The Department of German and Romance Languages contains two main types of degree programmes: language and culture programmes within the humanities, and business communication programmes. The department consists of a range of academic environments (French, Italian, Spanish and German), each with its own course coordinator and a range of research units (see more under each research programme.)

The department is responsible for the administration and management of its degree programmes, with the head of department having responsibility for staff and planning. Collaboration at departmental level covers academic regulations, forms of instruction, the reception of freshmen, the study environment and other issues of joint interest.

This collaboration takes places primarily in the degree programme board, which consists of one teacher and one student for each subject area. The head of department, the administration and the student guidance office are also represented here. Representatives of the degree programme board are elected to the school’s board of studies.

The Department of German and Romance Languages is one of the nine departments at the School of Communication and Culture. The department works closely with the Department of English on the cross-disciplinary Master’s degree programmes in Intercultural studies and Business Communication. 

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