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The Department of Media and Journalism Studies shapes national and international agendas for research and policies on media and journalism with cutting-edge research that combines research traditions in the humanities and social sciences with computational methods, practice-based and interdisciplinary approaches. The department’s seven focus areas of research encompass: Media, Communication & Society, Media Industries, Platforms & Providers, Critical Digital Methodology, Media, Algorithms & Power, Journalism in a Network Age: Publics, Infrastructures & Boundaries, Online Audiovisual Cultures, Video Production & Video Essays, and Strategic Communication. The focus areas intersect with the department’s six research centres and its research programmes Media, Communication and society and the cross departmental research programme Cultural Transformations.

Collaborations with stakeholders in the media industry, society and politics include: Google; Facebook; DR;TV2; the Danish Film Institute; The Danish Institute for Human Rights; Bloggers Delight; Enversion; TjekDet; Filmby Aarhus; MOTES; Council for Digital Security; Media Council for Children and Young People; Ministry of Culture; Ministry of Justice; Ministry of Defense; EU Commission; The Royal Library, DMJX, MisoFilm; M2Film; Egmont; SAGA Egmont; Bonnier Publications; the Danish Producers' Association; Nordisk Film; Metronome; BLU; Nordjyske Medier; Jyllands-Posten and Storytel.