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Death Online Research Symposium 4

Call for papers

The 4th Symposium of the International research network Death Online Research will take place at The University of Hull, August 15 – 17, 2018. It will consolidate the links between existing and new members of the network and provide opportunities for the discussion of ongoing and new orientations in the interdisciplinary field of death online. The meeting will explore the ways in which online connectivity is changing how, when and where we engage with death and dying and how we invest death-related practices with meaning in the online environment.

Themes and perspectives of the symposium

For this 4th Death Online Research Symposium we invite abstracts for oral presentations of new, recently completed, or ongoing research or ideas for future academic research on all kinds of death related online practices. We welcome qualitative and quantitative work which expands our understanding of the current and future trends in death online research from a variety of disciplines, addressing any of the following themes:

  • Digitally mediated dying and narrative
  • Digitally mediated grieving and memorialising
  • Death online and embodied experience
  • Digital afterlife, post-mortem identity and digital legacy
  • Technological developments in the death care industry
  • Digital immortality
  • Online vs offline experiences
  • Theorising online life and death
  • Ethical challenges for studying death online. 

All submissions will be peer-reviewed, and we envisage publication of selected full

papers in a special issue of an academic journal in the field as well as a collection of

writing from the symposium in an open-access online platform.

Important information

Submission format: 300 word abstract

Submission deadline: March 1st, 2018

Submission feedback: April 1st, 2018

Registration open: May 1, 2018

Registration fee: TBC


All submissions and enquiries should be submitted to: ..………. marked “Death Online Symposium Submission” in the subject field. Please include full contact info (author name, institutional / organisational affiliation and email address) in the submission. Submissions will be anonymised by the organisers before review.