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HERMES has four main objectives:

  • to publish high-quality research papers
  • to offer fast publication
  • to offer publication space also to young scholars
  • to enable a thorough examination of a particular topic within one of the fields

High quality papers
In order to ensure high-quality publications, all submitted manuscripts are assessed through a double blind review process by two external referees. The referees assess the manuscripts for relevance, originality, appropriateness of the selected literature, theory and methods, quality of the analyses, documentation of claims and conclusions, argumentative logic and coherence, and readability.

Fast publication
We give high priority to fast publication to ensure that ideas and findings can be published while they are still new. Slow publication hampers the dynamics of science and it is also very inconvenient for the individual scholar to have to wait for publication for several years. We are usually able to publish a manuscript within six months upon submission, but it may take up to a year if extensive revision is required.

Space to young scholars
We offer publication space to young and promising scholars. Rather than simply rejecting manuscripts if they are not fully up to international standards, we usually give authors the opportunity to revise their manuscript on the basis of thorough reviewing.

Thematic sections
We invite proposals for thematic sections with articles within one of the fields of the journal to give the possibility to research communities to examine a specific topic from different angles.