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Orange Data Mining

Tutorial by Orange Data Mining.

Orange Data Mining is an open source data processing suite. It works as a canvas where the user can drag widgets for specific data operations, and the load their data into the program. More widgets can be applied, thus visually building and simultaneously effectuating a decision tree of data processing and analysis.

Tip: For all widgets an informative description will be shown at mouse-over on the widget pane.

This allows for an iterative process where one may experiment with various approaches before settling for a specific data workflow. E.g. upload a file with your data (File widget), create a data table from your file (Data Table widget), create visualisation (appropriate widget in the Visualize section), select data from the visualisation and create a new data table (add new Data Table widget) with the selected data, etc.

The dataset is analysed and processed on the fly while building (and possibly reorganising) the workflow, so a proccessed and analysed dataset may be saved once a safisfactory result has been reached.

A series of video tutorials have been provided by the developers, the first of which is avaiable above. The rest may be accessed from the help section in the program interface, or directly from the URL provided below on this page.

Developers' YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/OrangeDataMining

Service: https://orangedatamining.com/

Works on: