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Tutorial by Mathieu Jacomy.

Gephi is an advanced tool for network analysis.

For link scraping (with the aim of analysing a network of websites in Gephi) please see CDMM's tutorial on Screaming Frog SEO.

For installing Gephi the following steps are recommended:

1) Go to Gephi's website and download the latest version of Gephi for the computer operating system you are using. You can find the download webpage here, also with a link to installation instructions. In case you have an older version of Gephi on your computer you should uninstall this before downloading the new version.

2) Please open Gephi to check that it opens without any error messages.
You may want to watch the video above, 'How to install Gephi 0.9.2 & fix the "Cannot find Java 1.8" issue', made by Mathieu Jacomy, one of the inventors of Gephi. This can be useful if you get an error message about missing Java when opening Gephi.

3) You now have the basic version of Gephi which is fine to start with. But it is recommended that you download all the available plugins which will add a number of functionalities to Gephi. Open Gephi, go to Tools in the top menu bar, select Plugins, and a library of plugins opens showing the available plugins. Check all the plugins and press Install. Gephi will usually restart once the installation is finished, if it does not do this, please restart the program.

More Tutorials at Mathieu Jacomy's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/jacomyma/videos

Service: https://gephi.org/users/download