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Iben Have


Lektor, Ph.d.

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Iben Have


  • Lydmedier
  • Medievidenskab
  • Kommunikationsvidenskab
  • Sound Studies
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Ph.D programme director of the Information, Media, Communication, and Journalism and programme (IMCJ). Formerly research programme director of the Cultural Transformations programme, and of the Center for Sound Studies. Co-founder and editor-in-chief of the academic journal SoundEffects. (Co-)Author of books such as Reading with Ears and Writing with Voices, The Digital Reading Condition, Calm (Ro), Digital Audiobooks Music Radio, and Listening to TV, and the textbook Audio Media (Lydmedier).


I have an interdisciplinary research profile in the field of Audio Media Studies including media, communication, music, voice, and sound studies. Focus on the interaction between medium, text/content and reception/use inspired by (post)phenomenology, affordance theory, cognitive theory, and sociology. In recent years I have investigated what I call the aural and oral turn in digital communication and media culture including a paradigm shift from text input and output to voice input and output.


25 years of teaching experience on BA, MA, and Ph.D-level in theoretical, empirical and production-based topics. In Media and Journalism Studies and across Arts I teach Media Reception Analysis, Theories of Media, Culture, and SocietyMedia Text Analysis, Audiovisual Culture and Communication, Podcast studies. Extensive experience as master thesis supervisor and external examiner at KU, AAU, SDU. Supervise and assess 4+4 and 5+3 Ph.D.-students in e.g. audio media, communication and perception.


My curiosity towards other research fields and approaches leads me towards interdisciplinary research environments both at AU, in Denmark, and Internationally. Recently as an AIAS (Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies, Aarhus University) as a Carlsberg Monograph fellow (2023-2023) and as an AIAS-SHAPE fellow (2024-2025). I communicate my research widely in podcasts-productions, public media, as speaker, and as audiobook-reviewer in the Danish newspaper JyllandsPosten. Subject leader of the field Audio Media at the encyclopedia Lex.dk.

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