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Workshop with film director Donal Foreman

The Image You Missed (2018) is a personal documentary that explores the power of images to capture absolute truths about political conflicts, using an assemblage of found footage shot over 30 years of violent conflict in Northern Ireland.

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Tuesday 23 April 2019,  at 19:00 - 21:00


Aarhus University, building 1584, room 124

Join Donal Foreman, director of The Image You Missed, to learn about the film, it’s making and methodology and to think about how we may use found footage and archival images to explore transnational, intergenerational memories of conflict and struggle. There will be a particular focus on film as a documentary art and the role of images in dealing with conflict in Northern Ireland. Date and Venue: Tuesday 23th. April 19:00 –21:00 building 1584, room 124 Students from English and Intercultural Studies (incl. PhD students) and other students and staff with an interest in memory, artistic methodologies and documentary practices are welcome. The event is open but registration is required. Please register for a spot by email to amj@cc.au.dk