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The Future of Fan Studies Workshop followed by the CT autumn Friday Bar

2019.09.17 | Yasmin Marie Jensen

Date Fri 27 Sep
Time 14:00 16:00
Location TBA

Inspirational talks, followed by a roundtable discussion with:

Thessa Jensen, Associate Professor at Aalborg University, Department of Communication and Psychology. Thessa does fan studies research but is also a fan herself – she writes fanfictions, creates tumblr posts and shares with other fans her love for certain products and characters

Matthias Stephan (English Studies, Aarhus University), in addition to his research in literature and media, is also an avid sports fan and researches online sports blogs and distant fans, as well as works on Fan Studies pedagogy.


Roundtable Participants: Matthias Stephan, English Studies; Claus Toft-Nielsen, Scandinavian Studies, Sanne Susannah Eichner, Media Studies

Please join our roundtable discussion - you're welcome to write to Matthias Stephan in advance.

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