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New Materialism

Theoretical perspectives and methodological implications? ‘After hours’-meeting on the topic of new materialism

Info about event


Friday 7 October 2016,  at 15:00 - 17:00

[Translate to English:] New materialist thinking marks an increasingly important inspiration to current research on cultural transformations. As a broad and transdisciplinary field, new materialism raises issues of (post)humanism, agency, gender, embodiment, and role of technology and things, while challenging established dichotomies of subject and object, nature and culture, ontology and epistemology.

On this basis, we are happy to announce an ‘after hours’-meeting on the topic of new materialism:

7 October, at 15.00-17.00, room 114, building 1586 (Forskerhusets mødelokale, Kasernen).

The meeting will give special attention to the theoretical perspectives and issues of methodology in connection to new materialism. As a basis for discussion, there will be presentations by:

  • Stine Willum Adrian, AAU, on the agential realism of Karen Barad contextualised within the broader field of new materialism. 
  • Yulia Karpova, IKK, AU, on the perspectives of new materialism for studying Soviet design. 

The meeting is arranged by the Cultural Transformations programme, but all interested are most welcome.

Contact: Mads Krogh; musmk@dac.au.dk