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in Language, Linguistics & Cognition

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Thursday 17 November 2016,  at 14:15 - 16:00


Building 1481, room 366


the PhD programme in language, linguistics & cognition

Could you imagine yourself being a PhD student?

Do you find working with language and/or cognition exciting?

Then join us for a fascinating 90 minutes where you can meet some of the staff and students and learn about life as a PhD student in Language, Linguistics & Cognition at the Faculty of Arts

Sten Vikner from the PhD programme in language, linguistics & cognition will
give an introduction to the PhD programme.

Three PhD students will talk about their experiences:

  • Sidsel Rasmussen (current PhD student from English)
  • Jens Sand Østergaard (current PhD student from Nordic)
  • Ethan Weed (former PhD student, now assoc. professor in Linguistics)

 Ask us questions about (almost) everything (in English as well as på dansk), such as: How and when do I get started? How do I manage to live on a scholarship? How do I arrange a semester abroad? What it is like to teach?

Coffee and cake will be available free of charge …

Invitation & programme.