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UCloud is a cloud based access to a supercomputer, shared between The University of Southern Denmark, Aalborg University, and Aarhus University.

Affiliates or students at Danish universities have automatic access to the service.

The UCloud administration is hosted at The University of Southern Denmark.

The service provides access to GDPR compliant data storage, handling and analysis; the latter powered by a supercomputer that can handle computations and programs that may be too time demanding or even impossible on a personal computer.

Users can get access to apps, a section preloaded with popular applications, and additional applications can be customized and uploaded on-demand.

UCloud documentation; access and instructions: https://docs.cloud.sdu.dk/

For more information about UCloud: https://chc.au.dk/ucloud

For technical support (AU): https://chc.au.dk/services/front-office-support

Access and instructions for MedJour students (Danish): UCloud vejledning

Service: https://cloud.sdu.dk/app/login